GBC MC12 Finisher


Manual twin loop wire closer with dual adjustable knobs ensures that spines close evenly for a polished look. Easy to use for all users in any setup or situation, at your desk, on a table or at a workstation. Stacks on any GBC punch to provide space savings.


  • Spine-size adjustment knobs
  • Metal construction – Durable, heavy-duty design
  • Binding style: WireBind 3:1 (6-14mm), WireBind 2:1 (16-32mm)


  • Document size: A4 (Up to 12″)
  • Binding style: WireBind
  • Punch capacity 80g: N.A. sheets
  • Bind capacity 80g: 125 (14mm 3:1 Wire), 250 (32mm 2:1 Wire) sheets
  • Dimension W x D x H (mm): 413 x 280 x 195 (Handle up)
  • Weight (kg): 6.8
  • Method of operation: Manual


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