GBC Magnapunch Pro Punch


The all-new GBC Magnapunch™ Pro. This powerful interchangeable die punch is the fastest in the industry and delivers unparalleled reliability and durability. Boasting a half-second punch cycle, the Magnapunch Pro provides your office or print shop with a best-in-class high-volume desktop punch.


  • Efficient power system driven by flywheel technology that converts electric energy to kinetic energy, allowing for faster acceleration and punching
  • Half-second punch cycle
  • Punches up to 49 sheets at a time (varies by punch pattern)
  • 3-way rocker switch allows you to operate the machine with the tabletop trigger or foot pedal
  • Large chip tray with capacity for chips from 40,000 sheets
  • All-metal housing
  • Enhanced edge guide with adjustable sliding knob and screw system
  • Locking die set system with integrated safety switch
  • 13 High capacity interchangeable die sets slide in place quickly without tools and compatibility with Magnapunch 2.0 dies (sold separately)
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  • Document size: A4 (Open throat for large documents)
  • Binding style: ClickBind™, CombBind®, WireBind, StripBind™, CoilBind™, 3 Hole / 4 Hole Binding
  • Punch capacity 80g: ClickBind™:24, CombBind®:39, WireBind (3:1 W3):29, WireBind (2:1 W2):34, StripBind™:49, CoilBind™ (4:1 C4):24-29, CoilBind™ (5:1 C5):29, 3-5-7/2-4 Hole Binding:34 sheets
  • Bind capacity 80g: N.A. sheets
  • Dimension W x D x H (mm): 450 x 510 x 270
  • Weight (kg): 47.2
  • Method of operation: Electric


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