COLOURHIDE My Designer Highlighters PK4 Assorted

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Fun patterned barrel highlighters with unique ergonomic design. FEATURES Market leading German technology for excellent ink brightness Long lasting ink supply highlights up to 350m Smudge proof application (does not smudge on inkjet printouts & handwritten text) Chisel nibs provides 3 different writing widths – 0.75mm, 2.5mm, 5mm Unique ergonomic design makes…



Product Code Colour/Description UOM
1980099SG 2 Pink + 2 Yellow PA
1980199SG Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange PA
1980299SG Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red PA
1980205SG 4 Yellow PA
1980206SG 4 Orange PA
1980209SG 4 Pink PA
1980101SG Blue PC
1980103SG Red PC
1980104SG Green PC
1980105SG Yellow PC
1980106SG Orange PC
1980109SG Pink PC


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