Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine The heavy-duty paper shredder machine is very useful when there is a lot of papers for shredding, These machines can run non stop for long periods and you can put 100 sheets together so shredding is very fast.
The smaller ones can run continuously for 8 hours and can shred 25 to sheets together
The medium shredders can run non stop for the entire day and can shred 50 sheets together
And the bigger shredders can be used nonstop for long hours, even for the full day and after office hours also if required.
Alternately if you have occasional heavy loads for shredding, like once year disposal of old records Etc. you can consider using our shredding services.
You can choose a machine depending on the number of papers for shredding in a day. A Heavy-duty paper shredder machine can take staples, u pins, CDs, credit cards, etc. effortlessly, the larger machines can even shred a full bunch of papers with file clips, etc. as it is!

These made in INDIA shredders from ShredMac are very durable, easy to repair and maintenance-free.

Sold extensively in India and exported worldwide this is an exceptionally simple, low cost yet very efficient shredding machine that will pay back fast.

Contact us for selection from over 10 models according to usage and we shall be glad to assist you to make the right choice.


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