Best Air Purifiers For Home in Chennai
Best Air Purifiers For Home in Chennai

Best Air Purifiers For Home in Chennai

Best Air Purifiers For Home in Chennai Not all of us can get (or want) a hypoallergenic dog breed, even when we are prone to pet allergies. Pet dander isn’t the only allergen that your dog or cat increases in your home. If they spend any time outdoors they may bring in pollen, along with dirt, germs, and untold grime from the streets. While a quick cleaning of their paws with a wet cloth can help, if you really want to keep your home—and the air you (and your pet because they too can have allergies, Brachycephalic breed-prone snoring and pet asthma!) breathe—as clean as possible, an air purifier is the way to go.

As you shop for an air purifier, you’ll want to select one that has the capacity for the size of room where you’ll be using it. Most models indicate a recommended room size and it can vary from as little as 150 square feet to 1,000 square feet or more. You’ll also want to decide if you need any other features, like odor control, sleep mode, or air quality indicator lights. It’s also good to pay attention to how loud the machine is when it’s turned on. Some air purifiers provide white noise or pink noise that is intended to lull you to sleep, while other models are rather noisy.

We’ve rounded up the best air purifiers for pet owners.Stores can barely keep the recently launched Honeywell Hepa InSight Series in stock; its powerful HEPA filtration is that good. Why? It circulates and cleans the air five times every hour in rooms up to 500 square feet, removing up to 99.7 percent of even the tiniest microscopic allergens (looking at you, pet dander) and reduces up to 99.9 percent of certain airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.1

Used in conjunction with the Honeywell Enhanced Pet Odor Reducing Air Purifier Filter (sold separately, view at Walmart), which is loaded with activated carbon and zeolite, pet odors will be captured and absorbed.2 We only wish the air purifier came in white in addition to black. Increasing industrialization coupled with rapid urbanization and burning of fossil fuels has resulted in rising air pollution. But rising disposable income along, changing lifestyle and increased awareness about degrading air quality have bought air purifier in the spotlight.

Adding to it, the declining air purifier prices have attracted a good amount of consumer attention recently. If you are contemplating to buy an air purifier and looking for Best Air Purifier in India in 2021 then you must read this article till the end.To gauge the seriousness of the air pollution, peruse through the following statistics: 13 out of 25 most polluted cities in the world are in India 4 million school children in India have developed irreversible lung damage from poisonous air.

Indoor air pollution can be 10 times more toxic than the outdoor pollution With the rate of air pollution around the world rising perilously, air purification technology is becoming a dominant force in the global market. High indoor air pollution in India is usually attributed to burning of an incense stick, mosquito coil alongside emission from cooking and pet dander. That’s where air purifiers come to rescue. The main job of the air purifiers is to remove harmful elements present in the air which could result in respiratory problems.

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