Shredding Machine In India

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A Shredder is being used to protect the secret document(s) by means of cutting into small pieces. For example an A4 sized sheet in 35 straight cutting pieces or an A4 sized sheet in 640 cross cutting pieces. Sizes may vary according to the cutting dimension(s) as per the security level from 1 to 6

Types of Shredder

Heavy duty paper shredders are generally of Two types: cross cut and straight cut. Some supplier/people says it cross-cut and straight-cut or cross-cut shredding machine and straight-cut paper shredding machine. Straight cut paper shredder as per its name – cuts an A4 sized sheet in 35 straight cutting pieces. On the other hand cross cut foil shredder India: as per its name – cuts an A4 sized sheet in 640 cross cutting pieces.

Paper Shredders

Paper shredder are now increasingly a necessity in all modern offices and homes for obvious reasons, they  are available in numerous sizes, proper choice of a shredder results in trouble free operation, for instance if your office generates 100 sheets daily then a small shredder will be inadequate, even though it can take this quantity in a day. You may then consider a medium sized machine which will be able to cope with greater amounts of papers as business grows in the future. Generally for home use a small shredder is enough, these shredder machines are elegantly designed and come with several features such as silence, safe sense, safety lock, jam blocker etc. which are very useful in home environments.

Auto Feed Shredders

This selection of shredders features automatic feeding technology. Automatic feeding is simply queuing up paper in the feed tray, pressing start, and letting the machine do the work for you. The machine will automatically grab the paper and shred it without supervision.

Small Office shredders

On this page you can find recommended paper shredders for desk side office use. These professional office shredders for 1-3 users are perfect for shredding confidential business papers, such as sensitive tax and financial documents, client and employee files and agendas or minutes from business meetings.

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Large office shredders

Our large office industrial paper shredders are for centralized shredding for commercial applications and feature powerful motors that offer high sheet capacity. These industrial shredders are capable of shredding hours a day without stopping or waiting for the motor to cool off. Larger shred containers with casters offer easy bag changes and 16 inch feed openings allow for wide EDP paper.

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