Shredding Machine In Chennai

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Four Reasons Why We Need Shredding Machine

Shredding is critical for safe keeping confidential and sensitive information. Most of us create and keep files with sensitive content; examples of which are bills, financial statements, marketing plans, employee files, and even delivery packages. Government offices, non-commercial organizations, large corporations, small businesses, and private citizens alike make use of machines called shredders that cut paper into strips or fine pieces, which are then collected and recycled.


We all have the right to protection of personal information. As a matter of fact, there are laws that penalize improper disposal of documents with sensitive and confidential content. Organizations that hold personal data but neglect to protect it face financial and legal consequences. Employers for example use paper shredding services to get rid of employee files which are no longer in use.


Numerous trees are cut down in order to make paper. To protect forests, people advocate a “paperless society”, and only use paper as a last resort. The practice of sustainable farming answers the need for raw materials in papermaking. Reusing and recycling strips and bits from paper shredding machines is also another method of preserving forests.


Identity theft cases are prevalent, and increasingly becoming a huge threat with the advent of the Internet. A delivery box with a name and an address that’s not properly disposed of can already be a potential threat. It’s considered ‘best practice’ for organizations and individuals to use a paper shredder and similar devices to avoid identity theft and fraud.


Piles of papers cause clutter and increase the risks of fire. Offices need to constantly get rid of these papers as part of an organization-wide records management system. Many offices purchase office shredders and designate an employee to take care of the proper disposal and destruction of paper documents. However, tapping 3rd party shredding services is the more cost-effective approach because it doesn’t require capital investment, maintenance cost, and service calls.

So there you have it, four main reasons why we need to practice proper disposal and destruction of paper documents. Having a shredding machine or document destruction service is truly important. Shredding paper helps to keep us in compliance with the law, to protect forests, to prevent identity theft, and to rid clutter and fire hazards.

All-Star Shredding provide a high quality, competitively priced Shredding Services. They provide a Confidential Waste Disposal service and enable paper shredding, document shredding, document destruction and Shredders which are reliable and secure.

Dealing with paper shredder jams

If there is a jam in the paper shredder follow these steps to correct it:


1.    Check the safety lights. Sometimes these will signal if the bin is full, there is a jam, or if it is just overheated. Unplug the unit and let it cool down for an hour, then plug it back in and test with one sheet.

2.    Shut off and unplug the shredder anytime you open it.

3.    Empty the bin.

4.    Turn the shredder back on and switch it to reverse. Sometimes this will loosen the jam.

5.    If it jams in reverse, slowly switch it back to forward or auto.

§  Rotating directions a few times may free the jam.

§  Still jammed? Unplug again and…

6.    Remove the top of the shredder.

7.    Clean out the blades using tweezers or a pair of pliers. Use your hands ONLY if you are sure the shredder power is off and the unit is unplugged. (Many shredders have a safety feature for the top, but not the bottom where the blades are located.) Use a flashlight if necessary.

§  Use pliers to remove jammed plastic from a credit card or CD.

§  For looped paper jams, cut through the loops and pull out each piece.

§  Always pull steady and firm, not yanking.

8.    Run through a reduced paper load as a test.

§  For 7-page shredders or higher, use a single sheet of heavy card stock and carefully push it through if the blades are moving slowly.

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