ID To A3 Lamination Machine In Chennai

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     Ideal for crafts projects and home use. The Rexel Style laminator is really easy to use with just a single switch to select either a hot or cold setting. Using the hot setting it’s ready to laminate in just 4 minutes using up to 125 micron pouches. Simply load your pouch and laminate!

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– Easy to use. Ideal for the home environment.

– Warms up in just 4 minutes

– Laminates using ID to A3 size pouches up to 125 micron thickness.

– Release lever for removal or re-alignment of misfed pouches

– Cold lamination option for laminating with self adhesive pouches

Stylish compact design for easy storage when not in use

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1. Laminating shapes and sizes

When laminating irregular shapes:

– Make sure that the sealed edge of the laminate enters the machine first

– Ensure content is as close as possible to that sealed edge.

– If laminating multiple irregular shapes, place them all as close together as possible near the sealed edge.

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2. Always laminate closed end first

Feeding work in ‘open end’ first is the number one cause of laminating jams. Always ensure that the closed side enters the machine first to significantly reduce hold ups.

3. Laminating maintenance

Run a cardboard laminator cleaning sheet (without laminating pouch) through your machine regularly. This helps to remove adhesive blockages which can appear over time and may contribute to jams.

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3. Don’t laminate an empty pouch

Never laminate a pouch without content as it may result in malfunction or jamming.

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No matter which style you choose, the basic three questions apply when choosing the right model

 1.    What size document are you laminating?

The first consideration is content. What size laminate do you need? All laminators do not cover every format, and while other aspects are important, content size is crucial.

 2.    What laminate thickness?

Pouches (also known as laminating pockets) are the most recognised accessories. Measured in microns – the higher the micron the thicker the laminate.

Ranging from 75 – 250 microns, and, as a general rule, the more the document is handled the thicker the laminate should be.

Top tip:

Pouches are often depicted as ‘2x’, followed by the micron thickness.

E.g. 2×125 micron – The ‘2x’ is simply to indicate each separate side of the pouch, rather than representing two individual pouches.


3.   How many users and how often?

The number of users has a significant impact on choice, and, as we know, those laminating for business have different priorities to the home user. Using a laminator more frequently than what it was designed for will burn the motor out quicker.


Heavy use – Premium models designed to focus on high volume for specialised business

Regular use – Mid range models perfect for average to large business

Moderate use – Entry-level laminators, ideal for homes, home offices and start-up business.

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