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Laminator machines are an asset for every small to large office. Laminator machines can be used for more than just protecting your documents. Some businesses use laminator machines for general office use and others use their laminating machines to create signs or banners. Learn about some of the many uses of an Office laminating machine.

The advantages of using Laminator Machines

The main advantage of using a laminating machine is to protect and enhance the quality of the material which is being laminated. Laminating sheets add a layer of clear plastic which protect the laminated material from smudges, stains, and liquids. The plastic sheet also adds a very durable layer of protection to your laminated item.

We offer laminating machines and supplies in both the standard A4 and larger A3 sizes

Our Laminator Machines Range

We provide three laminating machines on our online store. The laminator machines are designed to meet the needs of any home, school or office. All our laminating machines come with temperature control and feature a reverse function which prevents paper jams. 

Uses for a Laminating Machine

There are many uses for a laminator machine. Here are a few ideas you can use in the office or at home.

Laminating Personal or Business Documents

The most common task for many people is to laminate their documents. This can include personal contact information, instruction manuals, or even their itinerary.

Laminating Photos or Identification

Many people like to laminate small photographs of their family or close friends. Laminate your small photo and keep it in your wallet or purse and it will last the test of time. It is also common for work places to laminate photo identification.

Laminating Maps

If you’re travelling, why not laminate your maps too? When you plan your trip, mark all the points of interest you want to visit and then laminate the map! A very easy and convenient way of avoiding smudges or stains. You can also laminate maps for fire escape routes in your office building.

Laminate Place Cards

If you are planning an event and have reserved seating spots, create place cards with the person’s name. An easy way of making sure everyone has been organised and ready to start the event.

Laminate Banners and Signs

Print out your banners or signs and laminate them. If you are running a pop up store, these is a cost-effective way of creating banners for your store. Food establishments can also print out menus and laminate them.

Pouch laminating is sometimes referred to as encapsulating.

This is where your document is placed in a transparent sleeve which is sealed at one edge. This will make sure there is a small overlap around all four sides. A laminating pouch is lined with a special adhesive when heated to the correct temperature will bond to the document giving it a protective coating. This is achieved by feeding the laminating pouch through a laminating machine. Where the laminating pouch is pulled through heated rollers, activating the adhesive and compressing the document.

Once the document, be it a business card or a poster is encased in the pouch. It becomes far more resistant to wear and tear and also enhances the the colours of the document. These types of laminators use a series of hard rubber rollers to move the document through the laminating machine. You will find there are usually between two and six rollers, dependant on size and cost of the laminating machine.

What is Pouch Lamination and How to use a Laminator

Depending on the quality of the laminator, you will find a variety of controls. The most basic machines may have nothing more than an on and off switch. However, more expensive machines will have controls for speed and temperature. The pouches themselves come in different thicknesses and finishes. The standard thickness is 80 microns but much thicker pouches are available. Pouches usually come in a gloss finish, but matte is also available if you wish.

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