Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine

Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine

Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine

Crosscut Paper Shredder Machine We have Best Crosscut Paper Shredders for High Capacity Shredding. 

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Cross-Cut Shredder. Crosscut heavy-duty shredders are manufactured with a variable-capacity starting from 3 HP to 20 HP.

Suitable for Shredding Garden Waste, Municipal Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, Etc.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Sturdiness
  • Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade Construction
  • Stress-relieved Shell and Frame
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on Cutting Rotor
  • Power Belt Rotor Drive
  • Oversized Gearbox
  • Heavy Roller Bearings

Kubsimpex has entrenched itself as an eminent manufacturer and exporter of Shredder Machines, Grinders & Crushers such as Industrial Shredders, Heavy Duty Shredder Machine, Medical Waste Shredder. Our diligent professionals properly scrutinize these products before acquiring and ensure that these are in excellent working condition.

Cross Cut shredders cut the papers into small pieces, the cutters are made in sudh a manner that it is able to cut not only vertically as in strip cut machines but horizontally also thus making the papers into very small pieces. This is very good for security as the A4 sheet is now impossible to join again. We have Best quality and High Speed Cross Cut Paper Shredder machine in Kubsimpex#Cross cut paper Shredder machine

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