Lamination Machine Dealers in India

Lamination Machine Dealers in India

Lamination Machine Dealers in India

Lamination Machine Dealers in India manufacturing company providing
cost effective automation solution to various paper industries.
Our Lamination machine Dealers are used for laminating various materials such as greeting cards, books, cardboard cartons etc.

Lamination Machine

The Machines are manufactured using Quality Components in state-of-the-art manufacturing division. We have a Highly Efficient Manufacturing facility handled by extremely competent team. Customer satisfaction being the priority, we promise High Quality, on time delivery and excellent customer service.

When plastic coating is added to any item it becomes tear-proof and waterproof, since the laminating film encapsulates the item completely by being bonded to both its sides.

The film when heated melts the glue coated on the film which oozes onto the porosity of the paper document so as to bind it to the film

Lamination Machines can be used to preserve and protect a wide variety of documents between the sheets of Laminating Film. These machines are available in a wide range, from those specially designed for small offices to Heavy-duty Machines used in industrial settings or commercial purposes.

The commercial types of these laminating machines come in many kinds of format sizes to meet the requirements of in-house graphic departments, business service centres, print shops, copy shops, and so on.

Features Of Laminating Machines:

We offer laminating machines and supplies in both the standard A4 and larger A3 sizes. We have two laminating sheet options. Our laminating packs come with 100 sheets.

  1. This machine is eligible for nationwide free delivery, comes with a one year warranty. Furthermore, it’s fully compatible with our A4 Laminating Pouches.
  2. A Laminating Machine will save you plenty of time and money. It will give you the best result you can achieve for any business document.
  3. Designed for flexibility, quality, and convenience, laminating machines have various features like adjustable control of heat, variable control of speed, adjustable tension, and automatic shut down.

Amongst the various supplies required for laminating, one of the most important is the film. They come in a wide range of varieties such as Matte and Clear. Matte film has a non-glare matte finish, which is highly suitable for Reading Material.

The Clear film used in laminating is the most popular, since it provides a sheen finish and helps to enhance the colors.


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