Document shredder in India

Document shredder in India

Shredders provide security, privacy and confidentiality we provide best quality Document Shredder in Kubsimpex.

Cardboard is a thick and strong material. And although the material is made of paper fibres it isn’t recommended to shred cardboard with your home or office paper shredder These machines are built for shredding large volumes of documents and can also shred one or two sheets of cardboard when needed.

Although shredding or destroying sensitive documents has been around for decades, the necessity of shredding or having a professional document destruction service has gained popularity in the past few decades. 

Find the best protection for business and personal needs with a dependable GBC shredder. Effectively destroy all sensitive and confidential information with a shredder that matches the size and security needs of your space. Be sure to check out our new Hands Free Shredders! GBC takes feeding the shredder off of your to-do list.

The paper shredder is your friend. Whether tasked with a records retention schedule or going digital in the office, having a standard paper shredder available is vital. There are several different types, and this tutorial will cover basic maintenance and cleaning for most models, as well as how to solve paper shredder jams. Shredders have different capacities, and it is important to understand what your shredder is designed to do.

How the paper is cut affects how fast the bin fills, and a shredder meant to handle multiple pages simultaneously will fill much faster than a single page unit. The ‘cut’ refers to the finished size of the destroyed documents. Cross-cut refers to strips of paper that are cut again every few inches and micro or confetti cut means the paper is diced into tiny bits. Some units have the ability to handle tougher materials such as credit cards or even CDs.Shredders provide security, privacy and confidentiality

There are many reasons to shred to protect your company’s financial information, to safeguard private information, that you are mandated to protect and to keep personal information confidential. Whatever the reason, you can depend on GBC Shredder.

With over 40 years designing and producing top quality shredders, GBC Shredder leads the way in providing document security solutions for every office and personal need.

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